Whitney Houston Special

LadyM 2022/01/11

Hi everyone. How have you been?
I am going to talk about Whitney Houston this time. You know what, she is my favorite female singer. She is so classy and she has a warm voice, strong energy, and is extremely talented. Words cannot describe her greatness.
I used to listen and sing her songs many many times and in many different places.

Whitney Houston was born August 9, 1963, Newark, New Jersey, and sadly everybody knows that she died February 11, 2012, Beverly Hills California.
Her mother is gospel singer Cissy Houston , her aunt is Dionne Warwick and the soul legend Aretha Franklin is her godmother.
She started singing in the choir at her church when she was just a child.

In 1985, Her debut album “Whitney Houston” was released and this album is the biggest selling album by a debut artist.
In 1992, the popular movie called “The Bodyguard” with Kevin Costner was out, and she helped to create sensational record sales for the soundtrack. Her single from this movie “The Bodyguard”, a cover of Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" from 1974, proved to be Houston's biggest hits ever, spending a record-breaking 14 weeks at the top of the U.S. charts and also topped the singles and album charts for months as well, selling 44 million copies around the world.
Since whitney Houston's debut, she is the only female artist to have three albums sell over nine million copies each: in 1985, “Whitney Houston”, in 1987, “Whitney”, and in 1992, “The bodyguard”.

Ever since, Whitney has generated many sales on every song she has released, and she has become the recipient of many rewards. In 2006 Whitney held the Guinness world record as the most awarded female artist of all time with more than 400 awards.
Her hit songs are of course these songs from the movie Body Guard, “I will always love you”, “I have nothing”, “Run to you”, and “Greatest love of all”, “Saving all my love for you”, “How will I know”, “I wanna dance with somebody”, “All at once”, “I believe you and me”, “I’m every woman” and many more.

I can’t write about all of the awards but here is the most known; American music awards (won 2 times, nominated 38 times), Billboard music awards (won 16 times, nominated 22 times), Brit Awards (won 2 times, nominated 5 times), Primetime Emmy awards (won 2 times, nominated 3 times), Grammy awards (won 8 times, nominated 25 times), Guiness world records (won 15 times, nominated 15 times), NAACP image awards (won 19 times, nominated 34 times), People's choice awards (won 6 times, nominated 9 times), Soul Train Music Awards (won 7 times, nominated 16 times)… That’s too many honors to explain.

In her private life, Whitney married Bobby Brown in 1992. After that she started behaving badly even after she received many honors. In 2007, she took a break from her career and divorced Bobby Brown. In 2009, she released the album “I look to you”.
People were so excited to see her come back but her voice wasn’t like it used to be. Even I was shocked when I heard her voice, but she is still Whitney Houston. I think she was supposed to be survive.
In 2012, we were all shocked to here that Whitney passed away at the Beverly Hilton hotel at a Grammy party…She was just 48 years old. Just way too early to go for an amazing artist like Whitney.
We still love to hear and sing her songs, forever… Rest in peace Whitney Houston.


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