Earth, Wind & Fire Special

LadyM 2023/04/06

Hi everyone! I just wanna let you know that Earth Wind & Fire is a one of a kind funk band with a sound that is full of energy! I always sing few of their songs when I have a performance with the band, even if only back up vocals…It’s just so much fun and we get lots of energy from Earth Wind & Fire’s music!

Earth Wind & Fire is an American R&B funk and disco band formed in Chicago, Illinois, in 1969 by Maurice White. Original members are: Maurice White (Vocals, Kalimba, Drums, Percussion), Verdine White (Bass, Percussion, Vocals), Michael Beal (Guitar, Harmonica), Leslie Drayton (Trumpet)
, Wade Flemons (Electric Piano, Vocals), Yackov Ben Israel (Conga, Percussion), Sherry Scott (Vocals), Alexander Thomas (Trombone), Chester Washington (Tenor Saxophone), Don Whitehead (Acoustic & Electric Pianos, Vocals). Verdine White is Maurice White’s younger brother.
Earth Wind and Fire saw many members come and go but Maurice White always tried to create tight music with any band members. In 1972, Earth Wind & Fire got singer Phil Bailey and the new group worked well together.

The band built on danceable funk, Latin and African rhythms. That was layered with super dynamic horn arrangements, the vocals of Philip Bailey’s sweet falsetto voice, and Maurice White’s tenor voice. Once you hear their music, the sounds will stay in your mind forever…Just amazing!

They have sold more than 90 Million albums and have super famous world wide hits: Boogie Wonderland (1979), Can’t Hide Love (1975), Fantasy (1977), Let’s Groove (1981), Reasons (1975), September (1978), Serpentine Fire (1977), Shining Star (1975).
Awards: American Music Awards, BET Awards, Grammy Awards, Image Awards (NAACP), Soul Train Awards, The Kennedy Center Honors, Walk Of Fame.

In 2016, Maurice White passed away after long battle with Parkinson’s disease. I just realized that I was working with a company in Japan, and Maurice White produced the company’s theme song. I remember that I was so thrilled to connect with him. Now I am living in the United States and am still singing his songs.
Earth Wind & Fire’s legacy will last forever and ever, and I will sing their songs forever and ever.


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Hello, I'm Amina.
I'm an 18-year-old woman living in the United Arab Emirates.
I absolutely love American pop music, especially captivated by artists like Billie Eilish and Ariana Grande.
Their music adds color to my everyday life and sometimes serves as a source of emotional support.
Their lyrics resonate with my feelings and experiences, offering new perspectives.
American pop music is an essential part of my life and always resonates deeply within me.

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