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Hello, Everyone! My name is Masumi aka LadyM from Japan.

I am a professional musician and vocal trainer. I also used to write articles for many different magazines, news papers, and websites… so Letʼs talk about Ariana Grande on this website.

Ariana Grande was born on June 26,1993. She is an artist who has had a platinum career.

She is on the list of Billboardʼs top 50 number-one artists, the list of the highest-certified music artists in the United States, and the list of artists whoʼve reached number one in the Unites States.

She has also won the American music awards, Billboard music awards…and was nominated for 11 Grammy Awards. The list of her accomplishments is too long to list.

Her primary music style is POP and R&B, but you can hear that it is mixed with EDM, HIP HOP, and RAP.

She debuted when she was still a child. She performed in a popular version of the musical “Annie”. Afterwords she decided to seriously pursue her music career.

She cited Mariah carey and Whitney Houston as her major vocal influences. Her music style similar to pop, but much deeper.

You wouldnʼt believe how small she is, only 5ft ½ inches (153.7 cm) but her voice and persona onstage is much larger.

She has a four octave vocal range. She can control the whistle voice and her voice reminds us of Mariah Carey. Everybody knows that she is an EXCELLENT SINGER!!!

She performed at the White house singing Whitney Houstonʼs “I have Nothing”. She was very proud of herself for being invited there and little nervous, but she spoke to the president saying in her own words, “Mr President, and misses Obama, Whatʼs up? How are you? Good to see you.” LOL. Usually people wouldnʼt speak like that, especially to the president. That moment made the audience laugh and relax…It is difficult to dislike her. She is a talented, young, charming woman.

People think that she is just a young “new generation artist”, but you should listen to the live versions of her songs “God Is A Woman” and “Imagine” on Youtube.

Lately, many artists sing with backing tracks so they are not used to singing with a real band of live musicians.

Listening to “God is women” in the Live Lounge, you can tell that her singing is relaxed, and that her pitch is consistently perfect. Every note she sang was magical, beautiful, unique, and simply amazing. She may even be one of the first artists whose voice sounds even better natural than with autotune.

On her live Youtube performance of “Imagine”, Quest love from The Roots is on drums. He is from my home town of Philadelphia, and Iʼve worked in his studio a couple of times as well… Anyway, she killed that song!!! She also fully controlled her whistle voice for the ending!!! I was just speechless.

I am sure that she will continue to build her successful career. Letʼs all look forward to enjoying her future music. Bye for now! 

 Luther Vandross… He is one of my favorite and most respected singer/song writers in the world. I had all of his CD albums, and listened carefully, over and over again to his singing technique when I was learning how to sing. 

He has a beautifully warmth and unique voice. His songs also represent a very classy style of R&B, so I can recognize his music right away.

Luther Vandross is a celebrated R&B singer who won 8 Grammy Awards and sold over 30 million albums worldwide. 

He performed at the Apollo Theater in New York when he was just in high school. After that he received an opportunity to be on the children’s education TV show “Sesame street” which introduced his singing to the world.
Early in his career, He was a background singer for Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, Roberta Flack, David Bowie, Diana Ross and others. 

He fronted a self-named band called Luther, which released a self-titled album in 1976. Then he joined the group Change, before embarking on a successful solo career by 1980.
The song “Never too much”, written by him, reached #1 on the R&B charts on 1981.
He also started working with the famous bassist Marcus Miller who also performed in several of Luther’s songs.
In 2001 Vandross performed a rendition of Michael Jackson's hit song "Man in the Mirror" at The Jackson's 30th Anniversary special, alongside Usher and 98 Degrees.

He has many beautiful, successful songs such as “Forever, For always, For love”, “Here and Now”, “Power of love”, “Always forever“, and “So amazing”. Then he has a duet with Cheryl Lynn, “If this world were mine”, a duet with Mariah Carey,  “Endless love” (original by Lionel Richie and Diana ross),  and a duet with Beyonce “The closer I get to you” (Donny Hathaway and Roberta Flack). 
"The Best Things in Life Are Free" is a Grammy-nominated duet between Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson.
This song by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis,  appeared on the soundtrack to the 1992 American film, “Mo’ Money”.
His concert performances are classy, VERY REAL. Many singers incorporate “dancers” to support their stage performance, but Luther uses great singers as “performer-back up singers” on stage with him. Vocalist “Kevin Owens” from “Ray, Goodman & Brown”, and “Lisa Fischer” are a couple of them. They do background vocals and create dance movements with Luther to support his show. These performances are AWESOME. You can find them on youtube as a “Luther Vandross Live at Wembley”. I can tell that he respects REAL music and is a REAL artist. I used to have this video (yes, back in the day) and watched it soooooo many times…
So much, so much to talk about Luther Vandross.

I was really hoping that he would recover and was praying for his comeback. I was planning to go to see one of his concerts… But my dream didn’t come true. He died after suffering a heart attack on July 1, 2005. He was only 54 years old…
Now I am living in the United States. I still wish I could go to see one of his live performances here. 
Rest in peace, Luther Vandross. I am still listening your music and feel your love. 

Hi everyone. How have you been? It’s been so hard to deal with COVID-19 this long, hasn’t it?  I can’t even go to see real live music shows right now. I was just listening to “I gotta feeling” and I got lots of energy!!!
Anyway, I am going to talk about the Black Eyed Peas today.

Black Eyed Peas.Their music is not just Hip Hop. It’s not Pop music. It’s an interestingly fresh mix of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Soul and Jazz, with deep and compelling lyrics.

This group consists of four members. 
「 」(Allen Pineda Lindo) is of Filipino and African-American descent.
「Taboo」(Jaime Gomez) is of Mexican and American Indian descent.「」(William James Adams Jr.) was born in Los Angeles, California and is African American.  The only female member of the band was 「Fergie 」, a native Californian, but she wanted to focus on being a mother so she left this group. After Fergie left, new Black Eyed Peas members 「J.Ray Soul」(Jessica Reynoso) from the Philippines, joined the group. 

Looking for a new sound to add to their style, they recruited singer Kim Hill to perform backup vocals and in 1998 the Black Eyed Peas released their first album, Behind the Front.
After the release of their first album, people were extremely excited about their unique sound and their refreshingly clean, powerful, and provoking lyrics. The Black Eyed Peas gave a shock to all music lovers.
In 2000 the Black Eyed Peas released their second album, Bridging the Gap. Macy Gray was one of several guest artists to join the group on the CD.
In 2001 Hill left the Black Eyed Peas and the band had to find itself another singer. Fergie filled the space. 
In 2003 they released Elephunk. The lead single was the song "Where is the Love”, which made it to number one on the charts. The track features vocals from pop star Justin Timberlake!!  It also was the group's first song to feature singer Fergie as an official member.
"Where Is the Love?" Was successful on radio airplay charts. It was number eight on the US  Billboard Hot 100 and went all the way to #1 in the United Kingdom where it also became the best-selling single of 2003. The group sold 7.5 million albums around the world. 
It feels like the Black Eyed Peas and their songs were everywhere. An alternate version of one of their tracks became the theme song for the NBA Finals.
The Black Eyed Peas also went on tour with Timberlake and fellow pop star Christina Aguilera, spreading their music even further.
They released Monkey Business 2005. They also won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for "Let's Get It Started."
 In 2009,The E.N.D. released. Single songs ”Boom Boom Pow" and ”I Gotta Feeling" are songs that everybody knows. The former track peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 list for an unprecedented 26 straight weeks in the middle of that year. 

I just learned all of their music history, and I feels like, WOW!  
They didn’t just create music. They created their own world. You will know when you hear it. You’re going to feel warm and powerful energy from them. They still continue to change. I can’t wait to see what they do next!!!

 Hi everyone! How are you? Flowers are blooming everywhere and the cold winter is over finally. A beautiful season is coming!! COVID-19 is still spreading whole wide world but I just hope that this crazy situation will be over soon and we can enjoy music in the near future.

Let’s talk about “Justin Bieber” this month. I knew his name and some of his music, but I didn’t know that much about him to be honest with you. So I took a little time to learn about him for you all.

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in the small town of Stratford, Ontario, Canada.
His real name is Justin Drew Bieber. 
In 2007, Bieber was just 12 years old. He sang Ne-Yo’s song “So sick” for a local singing competition in Stratford and won second place. His mother posted his performance video on You tube, and she continued to upload videos of him singing covers of R&B songs. Bieber was communicated with followers on You tube and he became a famous in town.

At that time Scooter Braun ( he is an American media entrepreneur, record executive, and investor. Also known as music manager for Ariana Grande, and other artists.) was searching for videos of a new unique singer. He clicked on one of Bieber's 2007 Youtube videos by accident. Braun tracked down the theatre Bieber was performing in, located Bieber's school, and finally contacted Justin.
At age13, Bieber went to Atlanta, Georgia with Braun to record demo tapes. Then Bieber sang for Usher one week later. Bieber was soon signed to RBMG ( Raymond Braun Media Group) with a contract between Braun and Usher. (Justin Timberlake was also reportedly in the running to sign Bieber but Usher won.)

 Hello everyone!! How have you been?
I’m extremely happy to talk about Mariah Carey this time!!!
I think everybody is familiar with her many hit songs like “Emotions” , “Vision Of Love”, ”Hero” , “Without You” , “Someday” , “Fantasy” , “One Sweet Day”, and especially “All I want For Christmas Is You”!!
She performs at the Rockefeller’s Christmas ceremony in New York every Christmas season. Although she is already well known to older generations, she continues to be discovered by newer generations as well.

Ok, let’s discuss more details about her.
Mariah Carey is an American Grammy Award winning singer songwriter, record producer, and actress; known for her hit song “All I want for Christmas is you” and her five octave vocal range.
She was one of the most successful female performers of the 1990s. People often talk about her “Cinderella like” success story.

Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1969, in Huntington, New York.
She first started singing backup vocals for singer Brenda K.Starr.
In December 1988, Mariah Carey handed her demo tape to the head of Columbia Records, Tommy Mottola. He began listening to her demo tape on his car ride home. Almost immediately, he requested the driver turn the car around and to find her. She had already left so he searched for her over the next two weeks.


 I am so excited to write about my girl, Toni Braxton!
Usually people get excited and admire female singers who can hit high notes. (Yes, I am talking about really high notes, Like Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande.) 
But in comparison Toni Braxton has such a warm, sexy, classy, & deep voice. I was addicted her vocals when I heard her music for the first time.

Toni Michele Braxton was born in Severn Maryland, on October 7, 1967. 
She is an American singer songwriter, actress, and television personality. (She has her own TV program called “Braxton Family Values”.)

Toni has four sisters (Traci, Toward, Trina, and Tamar ). Her mother trained them all to sing, and they began singing in church as girls. 
In 1989, they signed with Arista Records as “The Braxtons”.
Then she got a chance to sing “Love Shoulda Brought You Home” by record producer Kenneth “Baby face” Edmonds. 
This song was originally written for Anita Baker, but Anita was pregnant so they decided to release it as Toni’s debut first single.
In 1993, she release her first album “Toni Braxton ”, which reached number one on the Billboard 200 and sold 10 million copies worldwide. 
She became an international successes right away.
Tony sold over 70 million records worldwide, and is one of the highest selling female R&B artists in music history.
She also does a show in Las Vegas since 2006, 6 nights of the week. I wish I could go to see her!!!

List of awards Toni Braxton has won:
7 American Music Awards ( in 1994 : Favorite Adult Contemporary New Artist & Favorite Soul / R&B New Artist, in 1995 : Favorite Soul / R&B Album, 
in 1997 : Favorite Soul / R&B Female Artist, in 2001: Favorite Soul / R&B Female Artist & Favorite Soul / R&B Album )
5 Billboard Music Awards ( in 1996 : Best R&B Single “You’re Makin’ Me High”, in 1997 : R&B Artist of the Year, Female,
Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year, Female, Adult Contemporary Single of the Year ("Un-Break My Heart"), in 2000 : R&B Artist of the Year, Female.

1 Echo Award ( in 1998 : Best International Pop / Rock Female Artist )
7 Grammy Awards ( in 1994 : Best New Artist & Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female,
in 1995 : Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, in 1997 : Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
& Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, in 2001 : Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, in 2015 : Best R&B Album )
2 NAACP Image Awards ( in 1997 : Outstanding Female Artist, in 2019 : Outstanding song-Traditional )
5 Soul Train Music Awards ( 1994 : Best R&B Single, Female & Best R&B Album Of The Year, Female,
in 1997 : Best R&B Single, Female, Best R&B Album Of The Year, Female, in 2017 : Legend Award )
Also Toni has lots of Billboard history as well.

Her Music Albums are Toni Braxton (1993), Secrets (1996 ), The Heat (2000), Snowflakes(2001),
More Than a Women (2002), Libra (2005), Pulse (2010), Love, Marriage & Divorce (2014), Sex & Cigarettes(2018), Spell My Name (2020).
I LOVED her albums “Toni Braxton”, “Secrets”, and “The Heat”. I don’t even know how many hours I spent listening to her music…
I hope I can go to see her live show somewhere soon!!!

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