Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Special

azebz 2023/03/01

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are a hip hop duo from Seattle, Washington. They first gained national attention with their 2011 debut album "The Heist," which included the hit single "Thrift Shop." The group has since released two more albums, "This Unruly Mess I've Made" in 2016 and "Gemini" in 2017.

Macklemore, whose real name is Ben Haggerty, grew up in Seattle and began rapping as a teenager. He met Ryan Lewis, a producer and DJ, in 2006 and the two began collaborating on music together. They released several independent albums before gaining mainstream success with "The Heist."

One of the things that sets Macklemore & Ryan Lewis apart from other hip hop artists is their focus on social issues. Many of their songs address topics like addiction, consumerism, and LGBT rights. They have been vocal supporters of same-sex marriage and Macklemore even performed his song "Same Love" at the 2014 Grammy Awards while dozens of couples were married onstage.

Another hallmark of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's music is their use of live instrumentation. In addition to beats and synths, their songs often feature horns, strings, and other instruments played by a full band. This gives their music a unique sound that stands out from other rap acts.
Despite their success, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have faced criticism for being white artists who appropriate black culture. Some have accused them of using hip hop as a way to gain fame and profit without truly understanding or respecting its roots.

However, others argue that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are important voices in the genre because they bring attention to important social issues and challenge the status quo. Their music speaks to people of all races and backgrounds and has helped spark important conversations about topics like addiction and discrimination.

Overall, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are an influential force in hip hop who continue to push boundaries with their socially conscious lyrics and innovative soundscape.


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