Chante Moore Special

LadyM 2022/03/13

I heard her sing. I tried to figure out who she was for a long time. It was her song ”Old School Lovin’”. After that I found out about her and became big fan. I accidentally learned about her show in Tokyo the very next day while I was working there to build my music career. I went to the concert all by myself. I was too excited and my tears wouldn’t stop while she was singing. I wasn’t like a groupie, I just couldn’t believe how she was singing with the exact same voice that I had heard on her CDs. I was singing her whole set list and standing up for her whole show. It was 2 shows on one night. I went to the first show, and afterwards, Chante herself invited me to see the 2nd show! She even ordered me a glass of wine.
After that, my motivation to do music was so strong, that I made my first album; and I gave her my album when she came to Japan the next year… Well, these are my stories so let’s move on to talk about her.

Chant? Moore was born on February 17, 1967 in San Francisco, California. Growing up in a gospel-singing family, she learned to sing at church and at high school.

She released her debut album “Precious” in 1992. After that she released albums “A Love supreme” in 1994, “This moment is mine” in 1999, and many more. Chant? Moore has recorded several hit songs including ”Love’s Taken Over”, “I’m What You Need”, ”It’s Alright”, ”Old School Lovin’”, “Free ( cover of a Deniece Williams' original song )”, and “ Chant?’s Got A Man” plus many more. She also won an NAACP Image Award (in 2002), and Soul Train Music Award (in 2000, and in 2002).

In July 2011, she became the TV host for a new women's fitness reality series sponsored by Sporty Girl Fitness. She always looks healthy, in good shape and absolutely beautiful. I am sure that many women are inspired by her.
In 2012, she performed at the BET Awards tribute to the late singer Donna Summer. She sang “Bad girl ” and started singing her high-notes that got people so excited.

Now you can find her name in Jazz festivals and many other places throughout the United States. She always sings her song “It’s Alright” and on it her voice is so beautiful and classy. She even sings extra high notes when she ad-libs. That’s amazing. I went to see her a couple of times but I enjoyed her the most when I saw her in Japan.
Again, she is so lovely, cute, and beautiful. She is so strong and powerful. I know that you will enjoy her singing when you go to her shows!!! I’d love to hear and see her again soon!


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Their music adds color to my everyday life and sometimes serves as a source of emotional support.
Their lyrics resonate with my feelings and experiences, offering new perspectives.
American pop music is an essential part of my life and always resonates deeply within me.

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